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I know this might sound a bit “captain obvious” but watching girls masturbate is one of the hottest things you can witness. That’s my view of things anyway. I can cum just from watching them pleasure themselves. There’s just something about the way their face looks to be in pure ecstasy when their pussy gets so wet and swollen. I’d do anything to have my face right in there, right between their legs, close enough to feel the heat and taste the drops rolling down into her crack. I’m about to nut in my pants just thinking about it. Can you blame me? You know exactly how I feel. That’s why you’re here!

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Hot girl masturbating in shower.

Any excuse is a good excuse for masturbating girls. This busty blonde is taking a shower. She is already naked and wet, so why not? Thankfully all of her toys are waterproof. Her big rubber friend even sticks to the floor so she can ride it as hard as if it were a real cock. Even if thrusting a dildo in her juicy pussy isn’t enough to get her off, she is in the shower and can use the shower head as a back up. She won’t be done until she has a wet orgasm.

Girl masturbating with two vibrators.

We know masturbating girls are horny little creatures, but just how horny can they get? For this girl, her hands are not enough anymore. Even just one toy doesn’t cut it. To get off, she uses two vibrators, one on her clit and one vibrating against her wet pussy. To give her imagination an extra boost, she’s got some porn mags with her. With all that pussy stimulation, it’s impossible that she won’t get off. She feels the orgasmic contractions coming and pleasure running through her body, so I think the double vibrator strategy worked.

Girl masturbating with electric toothbrush.

When it comes to masturbating girls, everything is a tool to get off. After the first time they give themselves an orgasm, they want to try everything. An electric toothbrush, for example, is a good candidate to be turned into a sex toy for a horny girl. Hey, it vibrates, right? And that vibration is enough to make it work like any good sex toy, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. Her pussy is already dripping wet and she is about to have an orgasm. All of that because of a simple electric toothbrush.

Girl masturbating in her office.

For masturbating girls, sometimes the urge is so big they just can’t hold back. They need to cum no matter where they are. This girl is in her office but that won’t keep her from giving herself a big orgasm. Luckily she takes her trusty dildo with her whenever she goes. So all she has to do is lock the door and get to work. She lifts her skirt and pulls her panties to the side to expose a dripping wet pussy. She gets to work to get a quick orgasm before she gets caught.

Girl masturbating her pierced pussy.

If you saw this girl all dressed up and walking down the street, you would think she is a classy lady that just keeps to herself. But as it goes with most masturbating girls, she has a few secrets of her own. As she undresses, first you can see she has her tiny nipples pierced. But that is not the only part of her body with extra jewelry. She also has her clit pierced. All that jewelry is just an extra acessory to help her get off, as the feel of metal makes her cum.

Girl masturbates rubbing against pillow.

Pussies are magic little things capable of giving easy orgasm, and masturbating girls know that. They can turn anything into a tool to get off, and this girl is an expert at that. She is so turned on she can feel her wet pussy tingling, but cumming is an easy task for her. All she has to do is to rub that juicy pussy against a soft pillow. She puts the pillow between her legs so that the soft fabric touches her clit and pussy, and presses down against it until she has an orgasm.

Curvy pierced redhead getting off.

This curvy redhead is a very naughty girl. But seeing how being naughty is just another plus for masturbating girls, she is perfect for the job. You can see how much she loves to show off her curvy body and her delicious boobs as she strips, but her best surprise is left for when she takes off her panties. She has her juicy pussy pierced to help her out masturbating. She loves the feel of the metal rod rubbing on her clit as she touches her wet pussy, bringing her to an orgasm even faster.