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Month: May, 2019

The art of masturbating isn’t just for men!

I find it a little on the funny side that men think they’re the only ones that masturbate. Like, really? do you think that women don’t get horny, lonely, or in the need for cock? I hope you’re just messing around because you’d have to be pretty much messed up in the head to believe something as silly as that.

The xxx images that I have for you to see are going to totally blow your mind. One of the first things that you will notice about this stunner is her passion for masturbating on camera. She has a strong will but the urge to pleasure herself is one that even makes this horny girl lose all self-control.

I really do enjoy my daily visits to I like just being able to take my time and relax. I really don’t enjoy being rushed to do something when all that I want to do is enjoy the moment. This is what fun is all about and god forbid anyone that wants to challenge me on that. My only challenge is going to be finding out just how long I am going to be able to hold on before the inevitable happens and I burst.

Gorgeous Girls Who Love Their Bodies

Masturbation is a very natural thing to me, and I used to assume everyone did it even though they didn’t talk about it. One of the things I like about being in relationships is that I get to see the girls in those private moments. So when my then-girlfriend, Holly, told me she had never done it, I was astounded. I’m pretty sure I called her a liar too.

It took some time and working up to, but I eventually got her to indulge in self-pleasure. At first, it was just having her buzz her clit with a toy while I fucked her, but finally, she had moved onto to fingering. I never did get her to use a dildo though.

It was amazing to see her opening up to it and watching her face as she felt what she was doing to herself. She had so much more control and started having crazy good orgasms. I even got her to watch some porn on Twistys with me so she could watch the methods of the models. She wasn’t as into the porn as I had hoped, but now Holly is out of my life, and Twistys is still in it!

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