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Month: April, 2012

Blonde slut stabbing it deep

This blonde slut have several toys to play. After a small interview, she told us some if its details and told us about her favorite toys. A little bit after she stripped her clothes and displayed her arsenal, slowly playing one-by-one the dildos got larger, bigger and more destructive. She said that when she is horny she like it deep and hardcore. Some masturbating girls have no limits, she is one good example of those. Playing with one toy at a time is not her business. She likes to play with several. You’ll see her show in this nice video.

Red Head girl masturbates in the couch

This hot red head girl had something to show us. We invite her to come to our place, but she asked us to go to hers instead. After getting there we did a small interview with her, and she asked us if we like to see masturbating girls, we definitely said yes, because well, ITS TRUE. She stripped her clothes and showed us her red-haired pussy, she is a true red head with a very wet hole to stab. In a couple minutes this lady was playing with her pussy in the couch and moaning loudly.