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Month: October, 2018

Hot masturbation videos with FTV Girls!

My ex girlfriend was always masturbating. It didn’t matter what time of the day or not that it was, the chance of catching her in action was always going to be high. I often asked her if she wasn’t getting enough sex from me, her reply wasn’t something that I had expected in the least.

It turns out our sex life was fine. If anything she said the sex was as good as she’s ever bad before. Obviously I then I had to ask the question. Why do you masturbate so much if the sex is good? her answer was quite simply this. She said that the intimacy of masturbating is what keeps her coming back for more. Her pussy loved feeling her smooth hands working it and it also gave her a sense of freedom being able to pleasure herself.

Looking back I guess it made perfect sense. I often wish that we’d never went our separate ways, but I guess life doesn’t always go in the direction that we want it to. I want you guys to watch FTV Girls masturbation videos here, once you do you’ll see why these girls make sure that every moment is perfection at its best!

The Best Porn Site Since Forever

I will never forget the day I discovered Twistys. It was years ago, so perhaps that gives away my age a bit, but it really was. I was in my very early twenties and not only was porn not a really big thing for me, because it was just not readily accessible, not beyond the censored softcore nudie mags, internet wasn’t exactly a thing yet either.

So a few years later as the net developed and porn with it of course, the cooler stuff became accessible to everyone. I had also been brought up rather conservatively so things that might not have been so impressive to most others at that age was to me.

So basically my first experience of Twistys was taking a step from nudie mags where there were solo models only and you couldn’t even see any nipple let alone anything else, to full on hardcore. With the significant cherry on the cake that I had never even seen women as beautiful as that and they were naked… and getting fucked.

I almost came in my pants right that instant… twice.

I see they are just as brilliant as ever and I am grabbing a 67% off discount to with their current special deals.