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Month: July, 2013

Slut with huge tits masturbate

We went to this hot chick place, she was already undressed and ready to show us how does masturbating girls behave when they are alone. After playing with her pussy a little using her fingers, this chick got a light-saber-style dildo and started to play in the hardcore way. As the time passed it was a little bit dark but we could hear her slippery wet pussy lips making that lovely sound. In this video you’ll see a very hot girl with huge tits masturbating and creaming a very stylish dildo. The sound is simply amazing.

Hot girl masturbating in a chair

Masturbating girls can do it anywhere, this one for example can easily do it in a chair. When we arrived at her place she was all comfy already with a small shirt and panties only. She just pulled her panties aside and showed us how its done in the fast way. She said she also likes toys but fingers can sometimes works just the fine. She started to play with her clit and slowly inserting her fingers, we could see that she does love it. In this gallery you’ll see how a girl can easily masturbate in chair.