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Month: April, 2014

Blond slut masturbates in the couch

We went to this hot blond slut house to capture some hot masturbating girls action. She was calm and quiet during the interview, it didn’t last for long, since she started to strip off her clothes and show us a little bit of her hot body. After removing all of her clothes she let us have a nice look of her meaty juicy pussy. She even opened up her pussy lips so we could see how wet she was. The silence didn’t remain for so long as this blonde slut started to moan in pleasure.

Wet pussies being hammered with toys

We do have a lot of girls in this world, and statistics says that 104,9% of them masturbates, and that the girls that do not masturbate, they fly instead. (Have you ever seem a flying slut?) Well, when it comes to masturbating girls, some of them loves to use their fingers to slowly play with their juicy pussies, while some other girls prefer toys (dildos). This chick here wanted to satisfy her need to cum with a bottle. Did it work out? Well she was loud. Click here and see this girl fucking her pussy with a bottle.