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Real Girls, Orgasms & Masturbation Technique

Does a masturbation technique usually include a kitten? Not usually; not the kind from the animal kingdom, that is. The point of, however, is to show you how real, amateur girls get off. Not scripts, no extra bullshit. Most girls don’t even make a sound when they’re masturbating, did you know that? You’ll see them heaving and gasping for air, making the O-face, squirming around like a demon is being exercised from their bodies, and beads of sweat building up as they get closer and closer to orgasm.

Here’s where you can get your Ifeelmyself discount. The majority of 4,400+ videos are of solo girls massaging, fingering, and toying their own pussies. You’ll get a small collection of videos, about 540+ to be more exact, of these babes getting down in some real, amateur lesbian sex. Cameras are placed so you can see everything going on throughout a girl’s body while she cums; that is, not a lot of close-ups. You’ll essentially feel like a fly on the wall with these hot videos.