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Male failures you need to shun on online dating sites

Let’s face it. If you’re going to try to find sex at online dating sites, you’re going to get hit coming in and going out. What I mean by that is when you go into those websites, you have to be on your guard because a lot of the chicks there can fuck you up. I’m not talking necessarily physically, but I am talking about emotionally and mentally.

There are all sorts of mind games being played and you will always be tested. With that said, it doesn’t help matters when you have to watch your back because, guess what? Other dudes art trying to fuck you up as well. You have to understand that most typical online dating sites are almost like gay sites. What I mean by that is that they advertise man on man sex. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the fact that there are so many dudes for every real woman, that they might as well be gay sites. It’s like wall to wall cock. It’s intimidating. It’s scary.

And if you think about it, it’s morbidly funny. I mean, all these dues competing for a handful of real women at that. Keep in mind the phrase “real woman” on the surface it may seem like those places are crawling with women, but guess what. Most of those “chicks” are not actually real people. They’re software driven profiles. Either they were placed there by the website operators themselves or by competing websites.

Regardless, when you chat with those profiles, you’re simply wasting your time. The handful of real women on the other hand, are problematic as well because the vast majority from them are suffering from certain issues and the tiny minority of normal chicks who look really good, well, they’re too busy fucking the best of great dues. I’m talking about guys who look good, have 18-inch cocks, and have 10 million bucks in the bank. How do you compete?

Within that framework, you have to deal with three types of assholes. So, it’s a good idea of be mindful of these three types of dudes because otherwise you’re going to fuck yourself up or you might even give up on going to online dating sites. If you think about it hard enough, that might not be a bad thing unless you end up on a gem like

Peter Pan

These motherfuckers refuse to grow up. These dudes look like they’re in their mid-40s but you can’t tell from the way they act. It’s as if they just got admitted to college and there talking about Pokémon Go and latest trends and bullshit, but when you look at their profile, it looks like somebody’s middle-aged dad. It’s crazy. These guys think that the “cooler” and “with it” they are, then the more chicks would dig them. Instead, they come off as dudes who simply refuse to grow up. Act your age bro, seriously. More women will respect you if you act your age.

El Cheapo

These dudes are fucking cheap. They go to free online dating sites bot because they want to fuck, although that’s icing on the cake, but because it’s free. They actually get hard when they hear the word free and it shows in everything that they do, you know, they feel that they’re losing something if they have to actually spend money, they think that it’s some sort of emotional betrayal and let down if they have to whip out their wallet and whip out a credit card. They think that they’re less of a man if they have to pay for something, these motherfuckers are fucked up because they want a lot but without paying anything for it. Well, I’m sorry to break this to you but the idea of “something for nothing” is exactly that—an idea. The world works on a value for value basis. You get what you pay for. It really is that simple.

God’s gift to women

These dudes are really insufferable. These guys think that they are demi-gods. They look like a pile of shit. They have no money in the bank. They haven’t worked a day in their lives but they have this outsized ego. The funny thing about this is that they are walking Twitter troll feeds. You know what I’m talking about? Basically, it’s just like all the fucked up comments on YouTube and Twitter, they are the living personification of that shit. And the sad thing is the more you hang out with these people online, the more you believe their bullshit, the personal delusion feel that they emanate is infectious. So if you want to continue living in reality, you need to stay away from these motherfuckers. Get away from them. Run far, far away.

When you come across these types when trying online dating sites, turn back and run for the hills. Otherwise, you’re going to get ripped off in the worst way possible. These guys aren’t going to take your money, in many cases you’ll run into them, especially Mr. Cheapo at free online dating sites. Instead, they will rob you of your most precious asset. Which resource is this? Your time. Don’t let these motherfuckers screw you up so much that you get jaded at the whole idea of online dating.